We represent incredible filmmakers. And incredible filmmakers make incredible films. This article is simply a celebration of that fact. Through a two part series — one surrounding advertising, and another surrounding narrative pieces — we’re highlight the best films from 2016 from our filmmakers.

The old guard of advertising is going by the wayside. Those in the industry have known this for a long time now. Audiences are beginning to demand more — content that has heart, depth, and something to think about. These five pieces from 2016 are proof that the industry is responding. These pieces of branded content and advertising don’t hold your hand. They’re big on mood, style, and everything that represents 21st century advertising. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the best advertising pieces from our filmmakers.

Dan Difelice | Jordan – Jordan Breakfast Club

Michael Jordan is more than a celebrity or sports figure. He’s a legend. Dan DiFelice captured the essence of this feeling in his spot for Jordan. It’s moody as hell, and reminds us all how badly we’d like to ball like Mike.

License Dan DeFelice’s footage here.

Variable | Zappos – Home

In the true spirit of the season, this ad is an example of using the one thing that simply works — emotion. Variable went unabashedly for the heart strings on this touching piece. There’s no mention of shoes. There’s no mention of anything related to Zappos. But trust us, this tearjerker gets the job done.

License Variable’s footage here.

Diego Contreras | GE – Lightning in a Bottle

This gem is yet another example of what it means to blur the lines between advertising and branded content. Sure, it’s an ad for GE. But you can’t tell us you weren’t glued to the screen just as much as any short film you’ve seen recently. I mean come on, lightning in a bottle!?

License Diego Contreras’ footage here.

Todd Martin | AirBNB – Trips – San Fransisco

Something that’s been driving this new form of advertising is focusing on why someone would want your product, not necessarily what your product is. Todd Martin nailed this thought in his spot for AirBNB. Did the ad even mention something about AirBNB’s business model or website? No. But we sure as hell want to go to San Fransisco.

License Todd Martin’s footage here.

Jared Knecht | Zildjian – Legendary Sound

Jared Knecht’s Zildjian ad is the closest to traditional we get on this list. One difference: this beautifully made piece could stand on its on, whether or not it was selling something. It’s that good. It just goes to show you — if you do something well enough, people won’t mind that you’re selling them something. In fact, they’ll love it.

BONUS: Chris LeClerc | Audi R8 – Masterpiece

This spec spot from Chris LeClerc is so much more than a spec spot; that’s why we’re throwing it into it’s own category on this list. It’s a fully developed vision of what a car commercial can be, and be assured, what car commercials will be. It’s slick, doesn’t drag its feet, and had us hoping ad executives for the major car companies were paying attention.

License Chris LeClerc’s footage here.

There you have it. These are Filmsupply’s top 5 selections for advertising from 2016. Are your favorites missing from our list? Let us know in the comment section below! Check out our next ‘best of’ article, which features narrative pieces from our filmmakers.


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