It can be hard to pinpoint what a good producer looks like because the problems they face are never the same twice. If you’re Javier Alejandro, one day you’re coordinating a ballet with tanks, and the next day you’re flying a plane into Bulgaria for a Dua Lipa video. But, behind the facade of these incredible problems, there are few common threads, including having a zen serenity.

From the time a film is merely a word document on a laptop screen to the second it graces the big screen—a producer’s work is never done. For one, the lengthy process of film production requires a meticulous eye for detail every step of the way. Guiding a nugget of an idea from its inception to becoming a full-fledged film is by no means a small feat.

We spoke with some award-winning producers and production companies, compiling a list of the best all-around tools to set your work up for success. Whether in pre-production, on set, or in post, here are some ways to keep each step of the process as streamlined as possible.

In episode 8 of ESPN’s Draft Academy, Evolve captured one of the most compelling moments in recent sports history — Shaquem Griffin, a man with one hand, getting drafted into the NFL. They weren't the only camera in the room, but they were the only camera that got the shot. Needless to say, the production team went nuts
They say the devil is in the details. Well, the magic is there too. That’s what Andrew Finch discovered during the 4-year process of making his space-disaster masterpiece, Others Will Follow. “I always like to get as close to reality as I can,” Andrew told us, while explaining the obsessive lengths he went to when making
Cinematographer Todd Martin is always scouting. Every exotic location he finds himself in, every perfect patch of forest — it’s all being logged on the off chance that such a place will one day come in handy. He was even scouting during this interview while riding a ferry to an island off of Maine. For