Like all effective title sequences, the title sequence for Narcos contains the essence of the entire show. Themes of greed, excess, absurdity — even the narrative arc — can all be found here, if you look closely enough. “When you make a main title sequence for a show, your goal is to distill an entire season’s worth
“I’ve always made very, very strange films,” Matthew Hannam tells us, a tidy summary of a skyrocketing editing career that has included such genre-bending projects as Swiss Army Man, James White, and the recent Netflix miniseries The OA. “I feel proud having served a smaller audience well, rather than a general audience.” But with the wide critical
Every week, the Saturday Night Live Film Unit team pulls off a not-so-small miracle. They produce, shoot, edit, and broadcast a fully realized short film in less than four days. For their editor Adam Epstein, that leaves roughly one day for post-production. One day. Sometimes less. And you thought your deadlines were stressful. After eight years of
In the short film Cooking Up a Storm, edited by Lucas Harger, the process of preparing a meal is imagined as an analogue for a storm. It’s a clever concept, but the execution is what puts this project over the top. The cinematography is beautiful, the sound design is spot on, and the editing is a